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About Suzan Vaughn

Animal Communication Specialist Suzan Vaughn
With Juneau

Suzan has been a student and a teacher of metaphysical phenomenon for more than 25 years. As a psychic counselor, she has helped hundreds of people identify issues facing their beloved pets, predict their future, contact loved ones that have passed on, and sort out life’s toughest circumstances.

Animal Communication Specialist Suzan Vaughn
With Mozart

Animal Communication Specialist Suzan Vaughn
"Bud Wiser," the Baby Gator I met in the New Orleans Bayou

Suzan Vaughn and Penelope Smith
With my mentor, Penelope Smith at Buffalo Spirit Lodge, Prescott, AZ

Animal Communication Specialist Suzan Vaughn

Her first career was as a radio newscaster, talk show host and producer. There she honed her speaking, writing and broadcasting communication skills.  After the events of 9-11, Suzan knew she could not continue to be inundated with grim news day in and day out and keep herself spiritually sound. Opening herself to her soul-level guides, she visited her psychic friend Patty who told her she was well-suited to psychic counseling. Since she had been offering session after work and on weekends for years, it wasn't long before she began to pursue the practice full-time. 

A pet psychic who was a guest on her talk show helped Suzan understand the traumatic past of her beloved Chow-Chow Rusti. The experience inspired the self-titled "Communication Queen" to learn to bridge the gap between humans and their animal friends, and begin to practice the skill of telepathy in earnest, adding one more kind of communication to her list of communication skills.

Animal Communication Specialist Suzan Vaughn
Gus, the beautiful wolf

 A book of incredible stories from her many pet psychic sessions and adventures, entitled
"Dispatches From the Ark: Tales from a Pet Psychic's Notebook" is now available at this link.

Suzan holds a B.A. in Psychology and an M.A. in Communication.

Animal Communication Specialist Suzan Vaughn

She is also the owner of, a 'herstorical' website that sells museum replicas celebrating the Goddess in each of us.

 Animal Communication Specialist Suzan Vaughn

Animal Communication Specialist Suzan Vaughn