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Animal Communication
and Healing Package

When your grief is deep, or your animal friends are hurting, you may need someone to turn to more than once. In order to connect directly with your animal friend, your soul-teachers, and your personal Guides, a series of appointments may be beneficial to you. That's why I offer a three session series at a reduced rate in package form.

As a people psychic, I offer counseling with a bonus: psychic abilities, an advanced education, and animal communication expertise.

Since 1990, these are some of the issues my clients have worked on with a series of sessions:

•End of Life Issues with animals and people
•Exploring your own spiritual growth and transformation
•Chronic Health or Emotional Challenges
•Learning to communicate more directly with your animal friend

As an present-day oracle, these sessions always include a direct link to your soul-level teachers and Guides, telepathic communication with your animal friends, Shamanic healing for yourself and your animal, and specific tailoring to both your needs and the needs of your animal companions.

I offer discounted rates for these packages. Please schedule your sessions within three months of purchase.

Three 60 minute Sessions Packages
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