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Suzan Vaughn is the Featured Animal Communicator.
Read her story here:

suzan and juneau

As A Pet Psychic, I can help you:

Change a pet's behavior

Learn why they're acting a certain way

Understand and help heal trauma

Explore past life connections

Pet's preferences, needs, wants,

Ask your pet a question through me

Contact animal friends who have passed on

Help retrieve lost pets*

*Lost Pets: Find out more about one of the most challenging services animal communicators provide here.

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As A Personal Psychic Medium for You or a Loved One, I offer:

Telephone Counseling with a bonus: Psychic Abilities

Messages from your Higher Teachers and Guides re:

Troubling times or tough decisions: work,
relationships, health issues

Past Life Readings
(What past/parallel life is most relevant to
me now?)

Loved Ones Who Have Passed On

Intermediary for those who cannot speak:
(stroke victims, coma patients, autistic)

(in-person consultations if feasible)

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suzan with horse
Suzan &

"Communication with animals and with our Higher Source utilizes telepathy to connect on a deeply spiritual level. The practice acknowledges the intelligence and divine nature of all living things.

It has been my privilege to facilitate these soul-level messages for more than 30 years, helping people with their own challenges and those of their pets and loved ones, for the highest good of all concerned."

 óSuzan Vaughn

Here's what people are saying about
Pet & People Psychic Counselor Suzan Vaughn:

"Kitty returned today to the sliding glass door like you said. Her fur smelts like trees and grassland. She and we all are very happy. Your answer was very consoling during waiting and not knowing. It helped us also to understand her character, because she was really brave in the past. She went outside but she never stayed long."
-Christian in Florida

"I just wanted to write and tell you thank you for the service you provide. When I got the reading, it was only 2 days since Brownie passed, and I was still very much in the grieving process. After our phone chat, it helped me really focus on the positive, the fact that she is not suffering anymore and is free now."  Jennie in Ohio

"OMG! You would not believe the CHANGE in my horse today!
He looked so HAPPY TO SEE ME. it was a huge change. He walked right over. I have had people talk with him before and it has not really helped our relationship as much as you have. I don't what it is about your personality and your connection with him and what you said or how you said it. The last person he wouldn't talk to at all."
-Mariko in Arizona

"Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. I feel better, lighter, more energized somehow. I'm going to be okay."  -David in Calif

"You were right. She does have a urinary tract infection. She had a fever when I took her to the vet and she is now on antibiotics and something for the pain. She has not peed outside the litterbox in 2 days." Laura in NY

"Things have changed! Crystal is using the cat box again! She's acting like her old self again. I'm planning on leaving the cat box in the hallway for a few more weeks and then move it and see what happens. Thanks again Suzan for your generosity." Melinda in Florida

"LILY CAME HOME TONIGHT!! A lot thinner, but seems to be okay.  I'm going to try to get her to the vet tomorrow.  I opened the front door and she was standing there off to the side.  When the door opened, she came right in.  I was in shock!  I've barely put her down since. Thanks for communicating with her and helping to get her home." -John in Pennsylvania

Pythia: a textile-loving cat!

"You really enlighten my way of thinking and how I was feeling today.....I didn't know what do do or which way to turn. Thank you so much!" Annie in CA

"Thank you so much for your made all the difference for me in my decision making.  I'm very happy with the decision to allow Eli go naturally. You have a wonderful calling. I will certainly pass on your story and skills to my clients." Sharon in WA

"When my horse got a little carried away probing for the carrots in my pocket, I reminded him of your talk yesterday and he calmed right down!" Cathy in WA

"The changes in my cat Leo have been extraordinary! The next day, his self-confidence was unbelievable." Kathryn in CA

"Your advice on my situation was so helpful. I can see things much more clearly now." Georgia in NY

"My dog is much better now. Iím still working with some of the techniques you offered me, but the situation has greatly improved." Cindy in ORE

"I can better understand where I've been and where I'm going thanks to your helpful guidance. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts." Ariel in FLA

"The bond between my dog and myself is much stronger now. Iím glad he stopped those annoying behaviors and I have a new respect for him for being so smart about communicating through you." Linda in ID

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