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Recommended Pet Foods

The problem with recommending pet foods is that their quality seems to be ever-changing. I've recommended several in the past, only to find them denigrated later on as I checked their ingredients. Thanks to Bette Schubert and Barbara Janelle for helping to keep this list viable.

Here are the dog foods recommended by Bette Schubert, (who makes Bravo which is available in the east)  and Karen Fisher:


- Bravo
- Orajin
- Primal
- Wysong
- Abidy
- Canine Caviar
- Waruva

Recommended by Suzan Vaughn


-pet foods from Trader Joe's stores have been good
-all Paul Newman pet foods look good per label ingredients

-individual testing on each animal is appropriate since each animals system is different
-be wary of a food that has several kinds of "meal" in the ingredient list.

What I can do as an animal communicator is answer these questions and perform these operations:

-remotely view a particular food or ingredient moving through your animal's body to see how the body reacts.
-Does it enhance the body's light or diminish it?
-Does it move through too slowly or too quickly?
-How is the animals energy after ingesting the food?
-Are there any allergic reactions?