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Seven Simple Steps to Communicating With Your Pet


1. Begin with a meditation that will give you a calm and tranquil mind, and seek out a pleasing and tranquil atmosphere for you and your animal.

2. Ask your teachers and guides to help you with this process.

3. Say your animal's name telepathically to get his or her attention, and visualize your animal as you say his or her name.

4. Send a picture of his physical body. Direct this to him or her, along with your animalís name.

5. Ask if there is anything your pet would like you to do for him or her. Imagine your animal is sending an answer back to you through a picture, thought, sound, smell or feeling. Your imagination is powerful. Accept whatever you receive.

6. Always acknowledge the answer, whatever you receive in your imagination, and thank your guides and your animal for their willingness to communicate with you in this way.

7. Continue to ask your animal other questions, and remember to trust your imagination for what you are receiving back.


Suzan Vaughn says, "anyone can communicate telepathically!"

" We all have the innate ability to communicate with animals or even loved ones who have passed on. In fact, we do it all the time. The best pet owners chat with their pets and lots of people stay in touch with loved-ones who have passed on, just by thinking about them. Your thoughts are always acknowledged in the world beyond the physical. And, when loved ones are injured or suffer a stroke or other situation that prevents them from being able to speak, they often have plenty of messages to get across. "


Psychic communication is basically telepathic. Messages are transmitted to me from your Guides, Teachers, and Higher Self via pictures or visions, scents, and emotional or physical feelings I get in my body. By opening the door to this kind of communication, you allow me to see your future probable reality. Since free will is always operating, nothing is pre-destined. You can always change your future by changing you behavior and your choices today.

Animals are always open to communicating. While some of them are more shy than others, after a short time they are always willing to chat. Often times, the animalís owner has to open the door by asking a question, which signals the animal that itís o.k. to talk. Animals will never tell a communicator family secrets, or things the owner would rather keep private.