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Animal Movies and Educational Videos

Wiggy: My Guinea Pig Companion
An Animal Communicator's Story

2 minute movies about Wiggy's Adventures here on YouTube

Suzan talks to Wiggy about getting rescued.
Movie #1


Suzan talks to Wiggy about getting rescued II. 
Movie #2


Stinky Guinea Pig? This may explain why.
Movie #3


Little Man the Miniature Horse:
 An Animal Communicator's Story

2 minute movie about Little Man's Life here on YouTube

Using Tellington TTouch on a Sensitive Cat

cat face jack
Movie about How to us TTouch to pet a cat

TTouch Instructor Robyn Hood demonstrates how to touch a cat in a non-threatening way without over-stimulating using different textures as alternatives to the hand.



Mouth Work for Dogs
Tellington T-Touch for Dogs with Fear Issues

Here Tellington TTouch Senior Instructor Robyn Hood demonstrates how to introduce mouthwork to your dog.
It is an excellent technique to use with mouthy puppies, anxious dogs, mindless barking, or as preparation for vet exams, experience in the show ring, or teeth brushing.


Using Healing Tellington TTouch on Birds

Movie about How to help you bird friends heal.


Removing a Frightened Cat
from a Carrier

cat face big boy

Movie about How to help a frightened cat out of a carrier


Animal Stories and Articles of Interest

Pet Portraits by Jan Dungan

Dog Stories

Rico Proves Animals Can Talk!

The dog German
researchers taught cognitive skills.


Marty’s Food Issues:

A Japanese Chin’s Spicy Story!


Masada’s Aggression:

Why a large Akita acted aggressively toward other dogs....


Pet Portraits by Jan Dungan         Buddy in Baby Rocker

Cat Stories


A reincarnated cat returns to her owner for one more time around!


Cool Cat Enclosure

One way to keep kitties engaged in the outdoors while keeping them safe.


Oscar the Death Predicting Cat:

Helping the Elderly Transition Out of the Body




Nervous Maxwell Cat:

Finally settles in after
13 years



   Horse and Burro Stories

A Herd of Burros

  Other Animals

How Elephants Warned Humans of a Tsumani in Thailand

Frogger: My Wet Pet

Animal Articles of Interest

Going on Vacation?
Preparing Your Dog for Kennel Life

Kitty Naughty Potty: Causes and Cures

Stuffed Toy Can be a Killer