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Testimonials and Customer Comments

"That was an incredibly accurate reading. I’m so glad I could speak to my Dad through you once again. I will be borrowing you to help facilitate our communication again soon."
Laguna Beach, Calif.

"This morning when I went out to feed, the entire herd of horses was much more calm and mellow; usually feeding time is chaotic. Freckles was much more gentle with his 'nuzzling' as I was trying to clean his stall. When he got a little carried away probing for the carrots in my pocket, I reminded him of your talk yesterday and he calmed right down! Maybe I should keep you on retainer!"
, Aberdeen, WA

"The changes in my cat Leo have been extraordinary! The next day, he was like a new cat with self-confidence. He no longer flinches or cowers when I reach to pet his head. He is so AWARE now, instead of the dopey, painful state that he used to be in. He’s much more contented and at peace and the difference is stunning! For such a short session, the results have been profound."
, San Diego, CA

"Good job with Patti. I have several friends who use another well-known pet psychic but I will have them call you next time."
—Sharon, Snohomish, WA

"I learned some funny and interesting things about my pets. Thank you."
—Betty, Sequim, Washington

"Thank you so very much for your concern and many, many blessings for your continued
service to grieving humans and our pets."
Haley, ID

"My dog Blossom is much better now. I’m still working with some of the techniques you offered me, but the situation has greatly improved. Thank you."
—Cynthia, Spokane, WA

"Thank you so very much. This is such valuable information. You’re right in that Rodney has been eating less and we don't try and make him eat like he used to. The information on Barker is incredible. All of this is incredible!"
–-Nancy, Ashland, OR

"The bond between my dog Marty and myself is much stronger now. I’m glad he has stopped those annoying behaviors and I have a new respect for him for being so smart about communicating through you."
—Linda, Hailey, ID

"Thank you so much. The consultation was very helpful. You lighten up the situation so much."
—Patrice, San Francisco, CA

"Thank you for your gifted insight and for sharing it with Jacy. You brought great comfort to us all and we will be taking measures to help Jacy transition."
—Janet, Millington, TN

"Your insight made all the difference for me in my decision making. I'm very happy to wait and am ordering some equipment to help handle my geriatric pooch with more ease. You have a wonderful calling. I read your website and will certainly pass on your story and skills."
--Sharon, Dothan, GA

"You really enlighten my way of thinking and I feel so much better after having talked to  you. The energy around me feels so much better and I gained a great deal of insight from you. I will be calling you soon."
--Amy, Grover Beach, CA

"Thanks very much! I do appreciate your thoughts and comments and support.They have been very low-key, loving, and sweet both with me and with each other. This morning I found myself wanting to give it one more try and set a boundary that if there is another fight, then I'll find Molly a new home. So I guess I'm still not completely at peace with the decision that appears to be the right one."
~~ Karen, WA

"Yes, you were right. She does have a urinary tract infection. She had a fever when I took her and she is now on antibiotics and something for the pain. She has not peed outside the litterbox in 2 days."
~~Laura, OR

"He seems a lot better today and I'm doing my best to let him know that I want him to be comfortable here and I respect his space. He let me pick him up today and he's investigating some of the windows in the new place and he also had some cheese with me for breakfast."
~~Diane, NY

"LILY CAME HOME TONIGHT! A lot thinner, but seems to be okay. I'm going to try to get her to the vet tomorrow. I opened the front door and she was standing there off to the side. When the door opened, she came right in. I was in shock! I've barely put her down since."
~~John, FLA

"We talked or should I say, you talked to Barkley about 2 ½ years ago. He was a rescue dog that had issues with going to the bathroom outside. You had told us that he had been shot at before we got him and that he had been shot at after we got him. Well, it took about three months for it to sink in to us what had happened but it only took a few minutes for Barkley to understand what you were telling him. Turns out we live very near a quarry and one day when Dick had him out, apparently, they blasted and he thought it was gunshot – since you told him he was safe he’s been able to walk down the street with kids setting off fire crackers and even sat outside in our yard last July 4th and watched the fireworks with us. We’ve been very happy and he’s been very mellow since then."
~~Susan, OH